This Purchase is 3.5" X 9" Sandpaper

Ship from : Hong Kong ( Hong Kong Post, it usually takes 15 - 30 days to US ) 


Ship from : Tacoma WA 98499 USAFirst Class Mail by USPS. you can receive it around 3 - 7 days )

if you select Mixture please leave message tell me which grit and how many sheets you need ~

Buy 2 Get 1 Free !!! ( Buy 2 then left message to me which grit you need ~ )
You need to buy 2 Units. 

For example :

if you only order 
Grit : 2000+2500+3000+5000+7000
Sheet: 1
Quantity : 1
5 * 1 * 1 = 5 

you can receive total 5 sheets

if you only order 
Grit : 2000+2500+3000+5000+7000
Sheet: 1
Quantity : 2

5 * 1 * ( 2+1 free ) = 15

you can receive total 15 sheets

We ship all items within 48 hours hours of purchase. 

We guarantee this product for 30 days. We cover any items that become defective, not items that have been broken by the user. We do request that you return any defective items to us at your cost. You can print a label here on ebay for $1.93. We stand firm on this request due to so many scam attempts by irresponsible buyers. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

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