Very nice DL-44 Blaster Replica, as wielded by Han Solo in the original "Star Wars: A New Hope". 

We have a large shipment--confiscated from rebel scum--of these in similar condition with comparable wear/patina.

This new batch of blasters have the highly desirable drilled and open-ended muzzle. 

These are the most detailed and movie accurate DL-44 Blasters at this price on eBay.

They have the blaster unit disabled (so you won't accidentally vaporize your dog), but they do have a simulated blaster sound (Batteries Included).

Fabricated from injection molded thermoplastic, reinforced with .0000% Carbonite

(To clarify some confusion out there, these blasters are not real, and they are not made of metal. They are a prop intended for display or cosplay. Enjoy!)